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Tyre Tips & Advice
PUBLISHED: May 16, 2014 | in Tyre Tips & Advice
Most people only change tyres when they get a puncture, fail an MOT test or get told when the car goes in for a service. There are far few people who regularly check their tyres to see if they are okay and fit for purpose severely hampering their own safety [...]
PUBLISHED: March 29, 2014 | in Tyre Tips & Advice
The law states that tyres fitted on your car must be the same size and same construction type so you cant have a radial tyre on the drivers side front and then a cross ply on the passenger side front. Most car tyres are cross ply and most van tyres are radi [...]
PUBLISHED: March 28, 2014 | in Tyre Tips & Advice
A weekly inspection if not once every fort night is recommended the following checks should be done and wont take you longer than a few minutes:   Air Pressure Check – It’s always a good idea to check the tyre pressure over inflated [...]
PUBLISHED: March 28, 2014 | in Tyre Tips & Advice
The amount of pressure in your tyres should always be correct, too mush pressure or too less pressure can have significant implications on your cars performance and the over life of your tyres. Braking performance, fuel consumption and tread wear are just s [...]