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Wheel Allignment
Published: March 31, 2014 | in Tyre Info

Wheel alignment is the mechanical adjustment of the car wheels so that they align up straight when driving. You cant have one wheel pointing towards the left and one wheel going straight this can lead to un even tyre wear or can be one of the reasons your car drags to either the left or right.


Wheel alignment is called Tracking by some people both terms mean the same thing. It is not something that is necessary to do when you change your tyres. We don’t offer this service when you book a mobile tyre-fitting job with us. The main reason for this sis because a flat surface is needed where the car needs to be hoisted up ideally a ramp which cannot be done at your home or work place.


Our Mobile tyre technicians will always inspect your tyres and if you need wheel alignment they will let you know.