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Wheel Balancing
Published: March 31, 2014 | in Tyre Info

A vibration on the steering of your car in most cases would mean your balancing is out. Some cars may experience this at certain speeds but the problem is the same,  a vibrating steering wheel. It is a very unpleasant drive and your having to constantly fight to keep the steering straight. This in it self can cause wear and tear to the suspension and steering components of the vehicle over time.


All new tyre fitted should be balanced to make sure this does not happen. Modern vehicles definitely need to be balanced because ether weight of newer cars compared that of older vehicles is far less meaning wheels need to be balanced correctly.


The process is quite simple the tyre and wheel is placed on a machine that spins the tyre and works out where the wheel needs weight to make it spin smoothly. Weights are then placed on the wheel. Stick on weights or mounted weights are used to balance the wheels.


Once your wheels are balanced you will notice the drive of the car will be smooth and pleasant.