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Do Tyres have an expiry date?
Published: May 16, 2014 | in Tyre Info

In simple words No, Tyres don’t come with a sell by date or expiry date as you get on food and other consumables. But they don’t come with a manufacture date on them as in when the tyre was actually made this called the DOT code. I will go into this in more detail shortly but to start of with I will clear the issue of the expiry date.


Like I said no tyre has a sell by or expiry date however it is recommended that a tyre, which is 10years old, should be changed regardless of how many miles it has done. Yes you may be thinking I only drive a few miles a week and my tyres are in tip top condition with 8mm of tread they still brand new. Unfortunately tyres are not made to last for ever and because you don’t drive your car much they have been neglected and because of this tyres have deteriorated. So in simple terms if your tyres are older than 10 years they must be changed, if its 5 years since the manufacture date then you should inspect them to see signs of damage.


The damage signs would be cracking on the sidewall and the tread itself or a tyre that looks like its melting way.