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When should I change my tyres?
Published: May 16, 2014 | in Tyre Tips & Advice

Most people only change tyres when they get a puncture, fail an MOT test or get told when the car goes in for a service. There are far few people who regularly check their tyres to see if they are okay and fit for purpose severely hampering their own safety their families and passengers as well as other motorists out there.

Most of us are so used to driving that we fail to notice the car has taken longer to brake or its not gripping the road in the wet and those of us that do notice the cars performance has dropped then notice that tyres are due for a change.

The following tips applies to everyone who follow the above and to those that don’t either.

Tread Wear Indicator

All tyres come with a tread wear indicator as shown on the left

The indicator shows that the tyre has reached the legal requirement of 1.6mm. We would recommend you replace your tyres before it hits the marker. Don’t wait for the tread on your tyres to hit the marker.

If you get uneven tread wear as in the inside or the outside of the tyres are bald we would recommend you get them changed also as it can lead to a blow out.

Cracks on the sidewall or bulges as in eggs would also mean you need to replace your tyres.

Tyre Cracking

This usually happens because the tyre is getting old and for that reason would need to replaced.



Tyre Bulge on sidewall

A break in the structure of the tyre has caused an egg or bulge to appear. Overtime this will get bigger and is dangerous as it cause a blow out anytime.