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What is the recommended tyre pressure for my car?
Published: March 28, 2014 | in Tyre Tips & Advice

The amount of pressure in your tyres should always be correct, too mush pressure or too less pressure can have significant implications on your cars performance and the over life of your tyres. Braking performance, fuel consumption and tread wear are just some of the reasons why the correct pressure should be filled in your car tyres.


This information can be found either on your fuel cap or any of the doorsills it’s a small chart with the recommended pressure shown for a full car and one with just two passengers. Please note some cars have a different pressure reading for the front tyres compared to the rear tyres, which is generally a higher reading.


We recommend you check your tyre pressures once every month and before you make any long journeys. The safety issue is the main factor by not having the correct pressure you have no grip and control of your car and like I mentioned above you’ll save on your fuel bill as low pressure tyres causes more drag meaning more force and acceleration is needed resulting in you putting your foot to the floor so to speak a lot more which only means you’ll be filling your tank a lot more than you really need.